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Comodo SSL has become one of the top rated leaders in issuing SSL certificates to enterprises, E-Commerce solutions and small to medium size bussinesses globally on the internet. sole specialty is to offer Affordable SSL certificates (aka Secure Socket Layer) to every business (enterprise, medium, small), internet community and groups, and individuals. Certainly since demands and requirements vary, a wide variety of products are available to meet all the different needs yet one thing is always kept unchanged or compromized, the security of all issued SSLs still remain secure, trusted and use the latest most complex algorithms to offer peace of mind to its rightful owners.

Nowadays, Internet is no longer just about e-mail and Web sites. The net has become the critical medium, powering a growing list of revenue-generating business activities from e-commerce and e-supply chain management to online marketplaces and collaboration. The sum of all these activities can acquire the term Web Services.
In the beginning, the internet was mostly helping different people to communicate with each other. Web services on the other hand are useful in helping different applications to interact and communicate. In the past, a purchasing agent might send a purchase order to a supplier via email. In the age of Web Services, a company’s purchasing application communicates via the Internet directly with a supplier’s warehousing application to check price and availability, submitting the purchase order to the supplier’s shipping

 With all that said, SSL is one of the most important elements needed to secure these transactions and encrypt the communications between the clients and the webservers. SSL Companies across the internet are charging top dollars to issue trusted root certificates due to the high demand leaving no room for growth to small to medium size businesses due to their budget constrains. This is where SSL4ALL comes in to play. SSL4ALL as it stands in its name (SSL for ALL) was formed and established to offer SSL certificates to every single person, business, non-profit organization, community groups, E-Commerce owners, or even just small personal blog owners at the lowest price available.

No matter what your needs are, if you are shopping for an SSL certificate, you have certainly come to the right place. Keep in mind all of our SSLs are using the latest 3.0 which was recently selected to be the industry standard and nothing below that would be accepted.

All of our issued SSLs are trusted root and they are issued ultimatley by our premier well respected partner COMODO Group.


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